How to Fillet a Catfish with an Electric Knife: Important Tips

Did you know that there are close to 3000 species of catfish? Who could have imagined! Now, out of that number, the highest percentage lives in freshwater. That fact alone makes catfish a delicacy that will have you licking your fingers. Catfishes come in various sizes so it is possible to cook different recipes out of a single fish. How amazing is that?

Just like any other kind of fish, you can only end up with a delicious fishmeal if you know how to cut it properly. Catfish meat is delicate and you cannot just cut it anyhow. It takes some level of expertise and effective tools and one of the best tools to use is an electric knife. To know more about all kind of fishing tips and tricks follow fishing toq.

Why the Electric Knife?

Because of the efficiency and effectiveness that electric knives bring when cleaning and cutting meat, they continue to gain popularity. They are also relatively sharper, but it is the amount of time they save that makes electric knives the preferred choice for most homemakers and anglers.

When using a conventional knife, you will take twice as much time to fillet your catfish than if you were using an electric one. Nobody wants to waste his or her time right? Here is the riddle though, electric knives are new gadgets, and as such,most people do not know how to use them properly.

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It Takes Practice

Regrettably, if you do not know how to handle an electric knife it can ruin your catfish as you try to fillet it. You do not want to end up with squishy fish or one with bones do you? One thing you need to keep at the back of your mind always is that you need to have patience when using an electric knife to fillet your catfish especially if you are new to it.

Even so, once you have a good understanding of the procedure, you can easily cut through a pile of catfish with your electric knife. So, take time to practice and repeat the procedure slowly and gradually until you get used to it. If you bought a catfish for dinner from the market or you just caught one from the stream,

Here is the Process of Using an Electric Knife to Fillet it.

(1) Remove the Head

If you are like most people, you will probably not consume the head of your catfish so the first thing you need to do is to do away with the head. This is especially important if your catfish is of a smaller size. Preferably, do it from right behind the gills to get a clean cut.

To achieve this, clasp the fish from the back and keep the knife’s blade pointed across the fish or towards its body. Begin cutting from behind the gills, and towards the head. 

Important Tip:

While doing this, let the backbone guide your knife. Be careful not to apply too much pressure because this might damage the fish.

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(2) Take out the Skin

In this step, you can use pliers to keep your fish in place as you skin it because it might be slippery. You must first do away with the fins and tail before you actually remove the skin.

After that, the next step involves making a cut right at the back of your catfish. Using your electric knife, start with the top part of the fish as you go down. If your fish is small, you can do this on the kitchen counter, but if it is a big one, unless you have enough counter space, it is advisable to make the incision by hanging the fish in front of you.

Here is How to Know You are on the Right Track…

Once you have split the fish in half, you can now easily remove the skin using the electric knife. Start with one-half, and then move to the other half. You will realize you are doing the right thing with your electric knife if the skin comes off precisely compared to conventional knives.

(3) Fillet the Fish

Now, that you have gotten rid of the head, tail, and skin,your catfish is ready for the actual filleting procedure. For this, use the electric knife to make an incision right next to the spinal column of the fish and carry on until you get to the ribs.

If you are not used to the electric knife, ensure that it is steady because the knife is very sharp, so with just a little extra force, you might find yourself cutting through the ribs,and this can ruin the fish. You might also end up hurting yourself and we do not want that, do we?

Once you get to the ribs, glide through the upper part and move to the tail. While doing this,ensure that you are cutting through the part alongside the spine of the fish. After completing this, replicate what you have done on the other side of the fish.

Congratulations! You are now done filleting your catfish with an electric knife.It looks like a challenging task if you have done it for the first time, but it does get easier. Actually, after filleting two or three more catfishes, you can do it again more competently and speedily.

Final Thoughts

If you are keen, you may have noticed that the process is quite similar to the traditional knife. However, when the two knives are compared, it becomes clear that the electric knife is more efficient and will save you a lot of time. The only problem is that the electric knife proves to be a challenge if you are not used to it but once you have enough practice with it, you can do it in half the time you need with the old-fashioned filleting knife.

The electric knife is also easier to handle, and since most of the catfish species are big in size, an electric knife is mandatory. Essentially, the electric knife is intended to make things stress-free for anglers or homemakers, so why not make the most out of it?

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